What is Vital Spirit Qi Gong?

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An introduction

DAO HUA QIGONG is the principal style of Qigong taught by Amadis in these classes. It was developed by Zhi Xing Wang and Zheng Di Wang with whom Amadis has trained with since 1990.

DAO QIGONG, (pronounced as Dao Chi Gong) is a method in which one trains the mind, body and internal energy (Qi) system. The aim is to connect and transform one’s mental, emotional and physical patterns and so reach a clearer state of mind (Shen) and vitality (Qi).chinese painting

This connection to the Qi is obtained by using both internal feeling and physical sensation. This authentic approach allows you also to connect to your true sense of self (in Chinese philosophy: the original state of being). It also leads to a deeper awareness of the connection between oneself and life.

A Qi Gong class with Amadis involves a combination of exercises, movement, postures and breathing techniques. Alongside these physical practises you will use visualisation whilst mentally focusing on the energy process unfolding within. Spontaneous Qi Gong is also at times part of this unfolding.

In this type of Qi Gong (Huagong), a distinct factor is that the teaching is “transmitted” to the participants by the creation of a “Qi-Field”. In this way, one can more easily and fully tune in and stay connected to the Vital Life force (Qi). Talks on Qi Gong’s Oriental perspective on health, fitness, spirituality and well-being are also included in these classes.