Who is Amadis Cammell?

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Amadis has studied and practised Qi Gong since 1988 and DAO QIGONG since 1990. The style primarily practiced and taught in the workshop is DAO QIGONG. Amadis brings to the workshops his knowledge and insights gained through his study and practice of Chinese medicine and philosophy and Western body-centred therapies. These help to deepen and clarify the practice and understanding of Qi Gong. Amadis also runs ongoing evening classes and offers individual Qi Gong healing sessions.

Amadis_255pxTo his work, he also brings experience gained in therapy and counselling courses; years of healing training, workshops in self-development and meditation; and Qi Gong practices. Since 1990 he has been teaching Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and since 1996 Qi Gong, meditation and healing. (Dao Hua Qi Gong). He is a member of ‘The British Acupuncture Council’ (B.A.c.C.).

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